Project Leaders

Project Leaders of the O'Fallon Garden Club in O'Fallon, Illinois

Crystal Jones - Glo Bingo
Sarah Lambaria & Carolyn Sitzes - Roundabout
Sarah Lambaria & Carolyn Sitzes - Community Garden Plantings
Bob Winkler - Vegetables at the Community Garden
Sterling Garnto - Flowers at the Community Garden
Bob Winkler - Carpentry
Meredith Winkler - Herb Garden
Harriet Baker - Publicity
Daine Brundage & Mark Atkins - Refreshments
Jim Harper and John Brundage - Bee Keepers
Pollinator Garden - Charlie Pitts
Mark Atkins - Programs
Annie Skaggs - Spring Plant Sale, Fall Craft and Plant Sale
Carol Schmidt - Historian & Scrapbook
Vacant - Awards & Grants
Kimberly Atkins - Facebook
Beth Sheldon - Website
Phil Kahlert - Purple Martin Colony