Standing Committees

Standing committees are used to provide effective leadership for the many activities club members are engaged in. The Standing Committees are:

Apiary - Jim Harper, Chief Beekeeper; Call (618) 979-1110 or email
Awards - Kimberly Atkins
Community Garden - Bob Winkler & Sterling Garnto, Co-Chairs
Fundraising - Carolyn Sitzes, Debbie Husted, Jennifer Carter, Co-Chairs
Historian - Matt Weld
Landscaping & Roundabout - Sarah Lambaria & Carolyn Sitzes, Co-Chairs
Membership - Candice Mayler
Parks & Recreation Department Liaison - Ryan Heimann & Sarah Burton
Programs - Peg Stimson
Publicity - Harriet Baker
Scholarship -Kay Welch, Matt Weld, Harriet Baker, Charlie Pitts, Debbie Husted
Youth Coordinator - Kimberly Atkins

The Garden Club Board is made up of the Elected Officers and Standing Committee Chairs. The board meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Dates and times are posted on the homepage of the website. Members are invited to attend these meetings.